Fire up the revenue engine for your meal prep business.

MealTrack is the Operating System for your meal prep business. It lets you focus on getting more sales and delighting your customers while our platform handles the rest.
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MealTrack's been working with us at Good Clean Food Hawaii for about 5 years now, and have been super awesome! The MealTrack system is very easy to learn, and over the years we have progressed so much through innovation. Very dependable and reliable support team always answers all my questions and takes on any projects and tasks I have thrown out. The work and drive to help with the growth of our company is so great! They're always updating the user experience, and our website looks super prestigious. I have been super happy working with MealTrack, and will continue working with them as long as possible. Mahalo for all your hard work 🤙🏼

Nic FortinGood Clean Food Hawaii

Our meal prep company has been using MealTrack as our online operating system for over five years, and we can't imagine life without it! Running a meal prep company involves several moving parts, and MealTrack makes the logistics manageable. We have a report for everything from kitchen ingredients to delivery routes to referral sources. To say these reports have streamlined our processes is an understatement. Not to mention, our customers can easily make adjustments to their subscriptions, add on products, and select their meals each week on our website. MealTrack continues to go above and beyond to accommodate our business and provide us with the latest and greatest in the world of meal prep logistics.

Emily LintonAfter Body Meals

Using MealTrack has helped us grow our business significantly by making it easier for us to provide our clients with greater choice and flexibility. On our side of things, MealTrack makes it easy for us to manage menus and recipes, print reports, packing slips, and analyze sales and customer data with a click of a button. But my favorite part of working with MealTrack is the customer service and the personal management of my account. If I have a problem, I'll be able to discuss it with someone immediately and it will be a team effort to try to address it. That's really what sets their service apart from any other.

TatianaEat Sunny

Make more profit for your business.

Many meal prep businesses can increase sales but very few can do it without increasing expenses. Until now.


As your business grows, so does the amount of busy work. These tasks are manual, repetitive, and time-consuming. MealTrack allows you to take that time back for more revenue generating activity, so you can make more money. 

Without MealTrack
Trying to retrofit a standard ecommerce website to work properly for a meal prep business.
Every order placed requires a series of manual steps to process and fulfill.
Payments are processed one-by-one. Without flexibility.
Customer profiles manually tracked or not tracked at all.
Recipes are recorded on spreadsheets, scraps of paper, or in your head.
Shipping and deliveries are tracked in spreadsheets and require a lot of manual effort.
With MealTrack
Personalizing your choice of beautiful, functional website templates designed specifically for meal prep businesses
Each order is broken down into a workflow engine and is automatically processed.
Payments are processed automatically based on a schedule that works for your business.
Use a customer management system to track allergies, diets, and preferences.
All recipes and nutrition info is recorded in a single system.
Labels are created automatically and ready to print. Deliveries are automatically scheduled... accurately.


Make order fulfillment a breeze

We help make fulfilling orders much simpler. MealTrack guides you through each step in the process at the click of a button. You can easily focus on the big picture (“what’s going on this month?”) or drill down into the smaller details (“how many labels do I need to print today?”) However you want to work, MealTrack’s got the information you need at your fingertips.


Get paid how you want

Bring your own payment provider— whatever you’re most comfortable with. MealTrack can help you easily set up orders split over multiple days, subscriptions, bundles… however you need to handle payments, MealTrack will do it all in a couple of clicks.


Stop wasting food!

Always know exactly what ingredients you’ll need each week to cut down on food waste— reducing costs and keeping your food fresh.


Know your customers like a friend

Some people don’t like onions (or are allergic to shellfish!) MealTrack has a deep, complex profile system that tracks your customers to a level of detail that puts dedicated (and expensive) customer management systems to shame. Know exactly what your customers love to eat, so you can give it to them (and keep them coming back for more).


Create customer loyalty

Keep your customers coming back with coupon codes, gift cards, and more.


Design Your Own Subscriptions

Recurring revenue is the beating heart of the food industry. You want subscribers, not one- and- done customers. MealTrack provides a subscription customization system that can handle levels of detail that you just can’t get anywhere else. You can easily build your own complex (or simple) subscriptions to fit you, rather than trying to fit someone else’s generic plans.