Current Release: 11

Released on: January 18, 2023

Release 11 on January 18, 2023

  1. New Features

    1. New Password Security Requirements
      1. Accounts on and on the front end will enforce stricter password requirements in an effort of tightening customer and user security.

        It is to be expected that new password requirements will not apply to existing users and customers. They will only be prompted to meet the requirements once they reset or update their passwords.

        Users and front-end customers will have to adhere to the following password requirements*:

        1. At least three of the following:
          1. one uppercase letter
          2. one lowercase letter
          3. one number
          4. one special character: [email protected]#$%^&*
        2. Cannot include your name
        3. Cannot be a common password

          *The minimum number of characters can be configured upon request, but should not be set to fewer than 6 characters.

    2. SendGrid x MealTrack Integration
      1. MealTrack’s latest integration with the Email Service provider SendGrid provides companies with an overall improved email experience. The new integration will allow company users to see the sent statuses of email communication sent to their customers*.
        The list of possible statuses a company user may see are: Opened, Delivered, Bounced, Deferred, Dropped, and Processed

        By navigating to a customer’s profile and selecting the Communications tab, a user will be able to come across a dialog like this one. Sent statuses will only be visible once companies have migrated to SendGrid.

        *The migration from ElasticEmail to SendGrid will require companies to provide MealTrack with DNS information. Companies should expect to be hearing soon from a Customer Success Rep for more information regarding this feature.

  2. Improvements

    1. Visual updates to users will be greeted with MealTrack’s new logo and updated styling throughout the site!

      1. Login Page

        The new and improved login page!

        Users may continue to sign in with their existing login credentials. Functionality throughout the site continues to operate the same way it previously did and users should not see a difference in performance.

      2. Sidebar Navigation Menu

        The sidebar navigation menu has been updated to display all of the pages on in a more organized view

      3. The Dashboard page

        The restyled Dashboard page now displays quick links as buttons with icons that can be utilized for an efficient reference to navigate to the frequently visited pages throughout

      4. Other Mentionable Revamped Pages

        Throughout the rest of, elements like tables, buttons, text fonts, and colors have been updated to showcase a sense of styling consistency. Below are only a few pages that showcase the revamped styling

    2. Upcoming and Recent Orders now display on the Orders Page

      Upcoming weeks will now display on the Orders page in Customer Accounts. This will allow customers to start selecting meals for upcoming weeks before their subscriptions renew* (Customers will only be able to select their meals for upcoming weeks when a menu has been set for those weeks).

      *The number of upcoming weeks visible can be configured upon request. Companies should expect to be hearing soon from a Customer Success Rep for more information regarding this feature.

    3. Order Requirements are now Applicable on Subscription Update Flows

      Order Requirements configured on an ordering flow level will also be applicable when customers edit their subscriptions in their Customer Accounts.

    4. Improvements to Payment Screens on Mobile Devices

      Payment screens on mobile views are now larger, making them easier for customers to use on the front end when checking out.

    5. Minor Styling Updates on Ordering and My Meals

      Improved alignment of text and pictures have been applied to Recipe & Product Cards on Ordering and My Meals pages.

Release 10 on November 30, 2022

  1. New Features

    1. Apple Pay x Stripe Integration

      1. Companies that use Stripe as their payment provider can now offer their customers the option to use Apple Pay at checkout.

    2. Scheduled SMS and Email Communications
      1. Emails and Text Messages can now be sent to customers at a configurable and scheduled cadence on the Manage Communications Templates page.

        By selecting the Add button on the Manage Communications Templates page, a user will have the ability to create a scheduled communication template.*

        Users can edit the configured scheduled communication templates in the Edit Schedule dialog seen in the image above.

        *For further details about this new feature feel free to contact us at any time.

  2. Improvements

    1. Visual updates to MealTrack’s ordering flow
      Order flow has received a facelift! Images below capture the revamped areas of MealTrack’s configurable ordering front end.
      These are all configurable settings that are available upon request.

      1. Recipe & Product Cards

        Desktop view of recipe cards configured in the revamped Slider setting.

        The “See More” dialog for recipe cards has received a sleeker design. Nutritional Facts can easily be rendered upon entering them on

        Mobile view of recipe cards.

        Mobile view of the “See More” dialog (General Information tab).

        Mobile view of the “See More” dialog (Nutrition tab).

        Product Cards displaying in a slider on desktop. Prices now display on the top left corner of all cards (including Meal Type and Recipe Cards).

      2. Recipe Type Configurable Display

        Recipe types can now display as cards on the front end. Images may also be configured if desired.

        The classic button setting for Recipe types can now display Recipe Type descriptions in tooltips.

      3. Improved Meal Subscription Cards

        Meal Subscription cards have also received an updated look, they look similar to recipe and product cards as a way for us to implement and support design consistency throughout the front end. Cards can also display in a “Details Overlay” setting which can be seen in the image attached under Thursday.

        Meal Subscription cards in mobile view.

        “See More” dialog displaying on mobile.

      4. Omissions

        Ingredient omissions or dislikes can be configured to display separately by categories. Customers will be able to collapse and expand categories and view the number of dislikes selected.

        Omissions displaying on mobile.

    2. Usability Improvements on the Manage Postal Codes page
      Adding and editing postal codes will now be an easier task with the recent updates implemented on the Manage Postal Codes page.

      By selecting the new +Add Postal Code button a new row will be created on the Postal Codes table which allows users to easily enter all the applicable and required fields while in-line editing.

      Bulk changes can now be done in an easier and user-friendlier manner.

Release 9 on September 19, 2022

  1. New Features
    1. Ability for reports to be sent directly to clients via email
      1. will now have the ability to send scheduled emails with selected reports attached so that MealTrack users can easily have access without needing to log in.
    2. All-new Future Orders Capability on My Meals
      1. Customers will have the opportunity to navigate into menu options for the weeks to come and pre-select meals of their choice
        1. Customers will only be charged for their pre-selected meals once their subscription renews into that future week
        2. This feature is only accessible to customers who have existing subscription plans
        3.  This feature must be turned on for customers to have access to create future orders within their Customer Accounts
        4. Improvements made to the week-to-week navigation tool on the My Meals page
    3. New Styling and Functionality updates implemented in the ‘Create Next Order’ pop-up on
      1. The “create next order” pop-up window has received a new look! MealTrack users will have the ability to easily select multiple weeks and create several orders by selecting the all-new “Backfill” option. In addition, MealTrack users will be able to create future orders on behalf of their customers within the same pop-up window.*
    4. Pick-up Locations can now have different pick-up dates
      1. Pick-up Locations can now be set with different delivery schedules as opposed to your standard delivery days. Previously this functionality only existed for delivery orders*
    5. Improvements made to Customer Password Security and Customer Account Creation
      1. Upon clicking on the link provided in the password recovery email, customers will be redirected to the newly styled “Reset Password” page*
      2. Passwords will require 6 or more characters*
      3. Additionally, Mealtrack users will have the option to send new and existing customers a ‘set password’ email through the Customer Dashboard page or create a password on the customer’s behalf*
      4. Mealtrack users will have the ability to login as a customer on the Customer Dashboard page. This will allow customer service users to access a customer’s profile and act on their behalf if requested or required*

        *Please contact us for more information about this feature.

  2. Improvements
    1. Improvements made to the Delivery Address information pop-up on the Checkout page
      1. The address pop-up window will now auto-fill any address that is saved to a customer’s browser which in turn will save time during checkout
  3. Fixed Issues (Bugs)
    1. Speed Enhancements
      1. Performance improvements regarding loading time in various areas throughout MealTrack

Release 8 on August 18, 2022

  1. New Features
    1.  New Subscription Update Flow Features
      1. Subscription updates are now configurable (similar to how we configure Order flows). The following concepts are available for configuration into the update flow:
        1. Order Requirements*
        2. Recipe Type (dietary lifestyle)*
        3. Meal Size*
        4. Omissions*
      2. You can now make updates to the following information within their Subscription (if configured on KMS):
        1. Recipe Type
        2. Meal Size
        3. Omissions
      3. Meal size and recipe type changes can optionally clear cart contents to enforce a singular selection of each concept, if desired.
    2. New Communication Features (Email & SMS/Text)
      1. Customers can receive a formatted email upon:
        1. Selecting or removing recipes on My Meals page*
        2. Canceling a subscription*
        3. An administrator on KMS cancelling a subscription*
      2. If you’re looking for previous Email communications in the customer dashboard, you will find the tab has been re-labeled ‘Communications’ to better align with our increasing ability to communicate via text as well.
      3. Sent SMS text messages will now display on the Communications tab (as suggested above)
      4. Changes to customer’s Communication Preferences will now be displayed on the audit trail.
    3. New Configurable Features
      1. The Order Flow cart is now highly configurable, with the ability to customize text and other contents. It can be altered on a per-flow or per-program basis to best reflect the information most useful to your customers as they check out.
      2. Orderflows that feature the ‘Meal Size’ chooser will now have the option to leave meal-types unfiltered by allowing the user to select an ‘All’ option.*
      3. A brand-new ‘Billing Information’ page now exists within a customer’s account.
      4. The ‘Orders’ page now contains a detailed invoice for each customer order.
      5. Subscription customers selecting meals via ‘My Meals’ can enjoy a tabbed display for navigating larger menus, if desired. This feature will allow more real-estate to be given to individual meal types (such as dinner) and allow customers to easily navigate to other meal types using tabs on the side (or along the top for mobile users).*This feature is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.
  2. Other Improvements
    1. Products display in the “Order Details” section of Orders Page
    2. Styling Updates to Recipe Cards and Checkout page
    3. Performance improvements throughout the system
    4. Display Notes and Cancellation Reason on ‘Order Details Report’ & ‘Subscription Cancellation Report’ on Mealtrack

Release 7 on June 20, 2022

  1. New Features
    1. The All-New Profile Page
      1. Customers will have the ability to navigate to a brand-new Profile page within customer account and have the option to update their profile information. In addition, the current Dashboard page will no longer be visible as part of this release, however, the same information will be available within the new pages added to the Customer Account.
    2. The All-New Subscriptions Page*
      1. Customers will have the ability to navigate to a brand-new Subscriptions page within their customer account and make changes to their subscriptions.
      2. As part of this release, customers will have the ability to update the days of the week, number of meals, and the products they are subscribed to by navigating through the “Subscription Update Flow” experience (similar to Order Flow).
    3. Creation of Future Orders on My Meals*
      1. Customers will have the ability to create “Future Orders” on the My Meals page within their customer account. Future Orders will allow customers to select meals and products for weeks in the future. Future Orders will not be considered active orders until they are renewed into.
    4. New SMS Feature**
      1. The all-new SMS feature on will grant MealTrack clients access to send customers text messages for purposes such as Delivery Reminders, Order Confirmations, Subscription Updates, etc.

    *This feature is available upon request. Please contact us for more information.
    **Only US numbers are supported at this time.

  2. Improvements
    1. Updates to the Order Confirmation & Renewal Order Confirmation email templates
      1. Order Confirmation and Renewal Order Emails have received a new look!
      2. Configurations have been added to display Product pricing
    2. Styling Updates to buttons & fonts throughout
    3. More Styling Updates on Custom Subscription Cards
  3. Fixed Issues (Bugs)
    1. Fixed Safari Logo Display issue on the Locations Page in Order Flow

Release 5 & 6 on May 4, 2022

  1. Key Features
    1. My Meals Order Requirement controls
      1. MealTrack clients will have ability to limit customers from updating or changing their meal quantities on the My Meals page
      2. MealTrack clients will have ability to limit their customers from adding or removing days on the My Meals page
    2. Ability for a company to remove discount codes on
      1. Customer Service users will now have the ability to remove coupon discounts on the Order Details page
    3. The all-new Order History page
      1. Customers will have the ability to navigate to a brand-new Order History page within customer account. They will have the ability to navigate between multiple subscriptions/orders and navigate directly to the My Meals page to select their meals!
    4. The all-new Skip Days page
      1. Customers will have the ability to navigate to a brand-new Skip Days page within customer account. The Skip Days page will adhere to skip day cut off hours configured on In addition, a MealTrack client will be able to view customer skipped and un-skipped days on the Audit Trail on the Customer Dashboard page and on Customer Notes in the Order Details page
  2. Improvements
    1. Updates to the Order Confirmation & Renewal Order Confirmation email templates
      1. Order Confirmation and Renewal Order Emails have received a new look!
      2. Configurations have been added to display Product pricing
    2. Styling Updates to buttons & fonts throughout
    3. Improved ease of use navigating between weeks on the My Meals page
      1. Improved experience of the My Meals page when navigating between weeks
    4. Styling Updates on the Custom Subscription Cards
      1. Subscription Cards on Order Flow have received an updated look!
      2. Configurations have been added to display Description lines and the “See More” button and modal
    5. Improve the usability of the Un-Process Button on the Process Recipes page
      1. An “Are You Sure” modal will now display upon selecting the “Un-Process” button on the Process Recipes page to avoid un-processing recipes by accident
  3. Fixed Issues (Bugs)
    1. My Meals: Page does not load when there are no orders
      1. Display a message informing customers when they have no orders to display on the My Meals page as opposed to displaying an empty skeleton
    2. Fixed Configuration for link of the Order Now button’s Destination on the Customer Account
    3. Fixed display issues on “Order Summary”

Release 3 & 4 on October 13, 2021

  1. New Configurable Features
    1. Experience Improvements to the New Modular Ordering Flows
      1. Slider vs. Grid View: The ability to configure the way a Recipe Card displays on an ordering flow
        • Slider View
        • Grid View
        • Ability to pin the date to the top of the order when selecting recipes
        • Ability to scroll in recipe card for nutritional label image
        • Delivery Zones: The ability to define delivery patterns differently based on geography
    2. Program Based Location & Sequencing: The ability to configure the sequence of how locations are displayed and to be based on a specific program.
    3. Email Customization: The ability to send customized emails for customers that have not placed an upcoming order and customers who have not selected meals for their current orders. This is helpful for when customers forget to choose their meals or place an order!
  2. Kitchen Management System Updates
    1. Process Recipe Improvements: There have been improvements made to the processing recipes function that you can opt-in to!
    2. Favorite Recipes: The ability to favorite a customer’s recipe and allow it to default to their assigned meals if available.
  3. What to look forward to in the rest of 2021:
    1. Re-vamp of the My Account
    2. User Ability to Resume Abandoned Carts
    3. Improvements and Additions to Email Communications
    4. Ability to Configure Customer Restrictions for My Meals
    5. Limited Meal Customization Capabilities

Release 1 & 2 on June 14, 2021

    1. New Configurable Features
      1. The Modular Order Flow feature allows you to set up the order flow for your programs in the way that works best for you. By using the Order Flow Builder, you can mix and match questions about recipes, meals, days, and more! Here are some examples:
      2. Subscription Renewal Confirmation Email – This will automatically send emails to customers when their subscriptions renew.
      3. Login with Facebook – This lets your customers create and access their accounts with Facebook. This reduces the number of actions a site visitor needs to take in order to become your customer!
      4. My Meals Page – This provides a convenient place for your customers to quickly view or change their orders.
      5. Delivery Zones – For those of you managing delivery schedules, Delivery Zones will help you quickly plan the most efficient routes for your drivers, based on your customers’ locations.
      6. Company Branding – This allows you to quickly and easily make updates to your branding—colors, font, text size settings, and more—whenever you want.
      7. PayPal* – This lets you accept payments through PayPal.
        *This is only available for our clients that use
      8. Introducing the Apple Pay Beta*! – If you are interested in participating in a Beta test for accepting payments through Apple Pay, please contact us!
        *This is only available for our clients that use
    2. New Kitchen Management System Feature & Improvement
      1. Gift Card Redemption Feature – Existing gift cards can now be added on the Invoice tab of a customer’s account.
      2. Time Zone Improvement – Most critical information is now adjusted to the user’s local time zone.
    3. New MealTrack 2 Feature Improvements
      1. Order History Details Displays – Order Histories on your customers’ “My Account” page now show all applicable order details for each order.
      2. Register/Login Page – These two pages have been combined into a single page.